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The legacy of Sardar Patel – the Unification of India

Patel played a crucial role in integrating all princely states into India. Junagadh, Kashmir and Hyderabad were the special cases he handled.

Quotes about India – fact checked and verified with source

Quotes by famous personalities about India, its civilization and its scientific, cultural and social contributions to the world.

India is a Civilization, not just a nation – Hinduism is...

India is not a mere nation. It is a civilization. Hinduism is not a mere religion, it is the unifying cultural root of Indian diversity.

Why FDI alone will not help the Indian Economy?

Dependency on FDI to strengthen the Indian economy and the falling rupee will not help. The solution lies in innovation and strong exports.

The World’s Oldest Republic Governments

India is home to the worlds oldest republic government in the world.

The Origin of Caste System in India

Caste System is a menace. Untouchability is a crime against humanity. Let us accept the problem first. And the only solution to...

How the path to salvation became Snakes and Ladders

A board game intended to teach the virtues and vices of life in ancient India became a worldwide classic.

Hashing Algorithm in Ancient Indian Music System

The beautiful mathematics behind the calculation of notes of a raga from the name of the raga in the ancient Indian music system.

Electricity and batteries in Ancient India

A 3000 year old ancient Indian text in Sanskrit contains details about manufacturing electrical battery and doing electrolysis of water.