Teddy Bears are amazingly cute soft toys

Shop full of Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears at soft toy shop

Life would have been so boring without these soft toys. Kids love them, parents buy them, creative people design them, shopkeepers sell them, lovers gift them, and the ones like me photograph them. So many colors give a pleasant feeling to your eyes.

Today’s most popular stuffed toys are teddy bears. But the first popular stuffed toy was a cat called Ithaca Kitty. It was mass produced in US in 1892.

Morris Michtom designed the popular Teddy Bear by in 1902. A cartoon (see below) by Clifford K. Berryman inspired him. It showed the US President Teddy Roosevelt having compassion for a bear at the end of an unsuccessful hunting trip in Mississippi. The teddy bear became so popular that Morris Michtom created a company for it – Ideal Toy Company.

Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Bear Cartoon
Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Bear Cartoon – 1902


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