Why Rh Negative is not Blood of Gods or of Alien Origin?

What is an Antigen?

The human immune system will attack any foreign substance entering the body by generating antibodies which will attack and destroy them. Hence, these substances which trigger antibody creation are called antigens.

Now there are various useful sugars and proteins on the surface of our red blood cells, which our immune system might otherwise mistake to be foreign bodies and generate antibodies to kill them. However, our immune system is trained to ignore these self antigens (the antigens which are generated inside our body).

The human blood group classification is based on these antigens on our Red Blood Cells (RBC), and there are around 32 Human Blood Group classifications based on the various antigen groups.

What is ABO Blood Group Classification?

ABO is a classification of human blood group based on the presence or absence of A or B antigens.

So if your blood has only A antigens, then your blood group is A, if it has only B antigens, then your blood group is B, if it has both of these, then your blood group is AB, and if it has neither, then your blood group is O. Simple, isn’t it?

Now the reason for taking into account this group for blood transfusion is that, if you have A antigen (A Blood Group), then the human immune system will not attack A antigens if the donor’s blood contains A. However if a person with B or AB blood group is given to a person whose blood group is A, then the recipient’s body will attack the B antigens in the received blood as it has not been trained to ignore B antigens. Similarly if A or AB or B blood is given to a person whose blood group is O, then it will attack both A and B antigens. So mismatching blood transfusion can be fatal. And it is for this reason that AB is Universal Recipient as the person’s blood will reject neither A or B antigens, while the O group is Universal Donor as it has no A or B antigens which can be rejected by the recipient’s body.

So what about blood groups like B+ve and O-ve which we keep hearing about?

The Rh Blood Group Classification

The second most important classification of human blood group is based on Rh antigens. While the ABO classification is based on the two antigens A and B, the Rh group has 50 antigens! However, the main Rh classification is based on one single antigen of special importance, called the D antigen. So, if your blood has the Rh D antigen, then your blood group is Rh positive, else it is Rh negative. The reason for the importance of this antigen is that a mismatch in the D antigen can prove fatal during blood transfusion, just like it does in AB antigen mismatch.

So A+ve means a blood group which has A antigen and Rh D antigen. O-ve means a blood group which has neither A nor B antigens, nor Rh D antigen. AB-ve means a blood group which has both A and B antigens, but has no Rh D antigen.

Which is why in case of an emergency when there is no time to match for any other antigen reactions, O-ve is the safest blood transfusion that can be done without any prior tests because of the absence of A, B and Rh antigens in it.

Mother’s blood group proving fatal to the newborn

There is a possibility that a mother whose blood group is Rh negative, carries a child whose blood group is Rh positive, and if mother’s blood comes in contact with the fetus blood, then the mother’s immune system upon finding an antigen foreign to its body, Rh D antigen, will produce antibodies against the Rh parties in the fetus blood which can prove fatal to the fetus.

So, if the father is Rh positive and mother is Rh negative, then extra care should be taken during pregnancy. If the mother’s immune system has prior knowledge of Rh D antigen, either due to some previous blood transfusion of Rh +ve blood group, or if this is not the first pregnancy and the earlier pregnancies carried a Rh positive child, then chances are that the mother’s immune system is already aware of Rh D antigen and has antibodies against it ready, which can be of an immediate concern for the fetus health. Tests are done during early stages of pregnancy, and if the mother is Rh -ve and the child is Rh +ve, then an injection which prevents the mother’s immune system from generating antibodies against Rh D antigen is given during pregnancy. This will ensure that the fetus remains unaffected by the fact that the mother’s blood is Rh negative and ensures a safe delivery of the child.

Does Rh -ve indicate purity of blood, alien blood or Reptilian Blood or Blood of the Gods?

Recently came across this theory which suggests that those with Rh negative blood group might be the descendants of ancient alien astronauts. But before that one more fact. Around 85% of humans are Rh positive, which means they have Rh D antigen in their blood, only around 15% are Rh negative which means they do not have Rh D antigen in their blood. This is also the reason why blood groups like O-ve are very rare.

Back to the alien blood group theory which states that

If all mankind evolved from the same ancestor their  blood would be compatible. Where did the Rh negatives come from? If they  are not the descendants of prehistoric man, could they be the  descendants of the ancient astronauts?

This makes one believe as if Rh negative indicates the “presence of something rare in one’s blood”. But as we learn earlier, Rh negative indicates the “absence of the Rh D antigen” which otherwise is quite abundant in most (85%) humans. So what could be the contribution of alien blood here? Obviously, there is nothing alien here, because there is no alien genes present here, its actually the “absence” of our own genes which produce the Rh D antigen in most humans.

The entire theory seems to have been built upon an incorrect understanding of blood groups, antigens and antibody response. Because Rh D is not the ONLY antigen either, in Rh group itself we have around 50 such antigens, and human blood group classification itself has around 32 types based on different groups of antigens.

The theory then states

All animals and other living creatures known to man  can breed with any other of their species. Relative size and color makes  no difference. Why does infant’s haemolytic disease occur in humans if  all humans are the same species? 

This seems to suggest that other animals are free from such instances of mother’s immune system attacking the child’s body. Well, it is not. We have seen newborns die because of this attack even in horses, cats and dogs! Read about Neonatal isoerythrolysis. It appears in all those species where the mother has a negative antigen blood group, and the fetus has a positive antigen blood group, and mother’s blood comes in contact with fetal blood.

For that matter, it is not only restricted to Rh D antigen either. After all, it is also very much possible that mother whose blood group is O, gives birth to a child whose blood group is B, and if the mother’s blood comes in contact with fetal blood, then there will be antibodies against B produced by the mother’s blood! Its only that in this case it is not life threatening, while in the case of Rh D it can be life threatening to the baby.

All combinations where mother is negative antigen, and child is positive antigen can cause scenarios where mother’s immune system produces antibodies against the child’s positive antigen. It is only that while some of them cause no harm, some cause mild issues, and the ones like Rh D can be severe.

So there is nothing alien here, and this is a common evolutionary compromise across the human species.

The extraterrestrial origin theory also asks a question

Why would a mother’s body reject her own offspring?

In evolution, the immune system has been trained only to accept its own antigens, anything foreign will be attacked by the immune system, and Rh D is not an exception, nor is the only case of its kind. The Rh D in the child came from the father who has to be Rh positive, and there is no way for the mother’s immune system to treat the father’s Rh D antigen as its own, isn’t it? And so, it will attack it.

The theory also asks

Why does it so violently reject the Rh factor?

As we saw earlier, the immune system treats ALL unknown antigens as foreign and attacks them. Rh D looks violent only because, attack on Rh D can cause serious complications in the baby. Not because, mother’s immune system reacts violently ONLY to the Rh D antigen. The response is the same for ANY antigen not found in the mother’s own body.

Evolution of the Rh D negative blood group

Most humans have Rh D antigen, and are hence Rh positive. Very few do not have it and hence are Rh negative. So what caused this mutation where some humans stopped having this antigen in their blood? What purpose did this serve?

It is interesting to note that Rh -ve or the absence of Rh D producing genes is common in the European population, even though it is rare in rest of the world. This suggests that there might be an evolutionary advantage in this European population over NOT having Rh D antigen, than having it. Some recent studies have indicated that Rh negative people are resistant to some parasites like Toxoplasma, or to their effects on the body. So it might as well have served an advantage in this geography NOT to have the Rh D antigen, rather than have it. And hence, such humans evolved to be Rh negative.

And one can find many such instances across human evolution. For example humans who come from an ancestry which started domesticating cattle, and consuming dairy products have digestive systems which generate an enzyme called lactase which helps in digesting milk by digesting the sugar lactose in the milk. However a significant population of humans are also lactose intolerant, which means they cannot digest milk products which contain lactose, because their body does not produce lactase. If these lactose intolerant people drink milk, then they will have symptoms like bloating, sometimes even vomiting. Does this mean lactose intolerant population are from an alien ancestry?

Some evolutionary gene modifications might prove fatal when exposed, but are nevertheless are useful while they remain dormant and hence are continued to be carried. For instance, Sickle Cell anemia is a fatal disease where RBCs sickle up causing life threatening complications. However, those humans who are only carriers of the gene causing Sickle Cell Anemia, but who don’t have the disease are resistant to Malaria! So in such cases such evolution is useful to the body in areas affected by Malaria even though it may cause problems in those kids where the gene becomes active.


So to summarize:

  • Rh negative does not indicate the presence of anything special or alien, it is the absence of Rh D antigen which is pretty common in humans otherwise.
  • Rh D is just another normal antigen and there are lot many antigens similar to Rh D.
  • Rh negative is NOT the only antigen which can cause problems to the baby.
  • Mother’s body does not selectively react violently ONLY to the Rh D antigen.
  • Cases where mother’s blood group causes problems to the child are not restricted to humans alone.
  • There is nothing alien or out of this planet about Rh D negativity


  1. I found this article to be of no help in anyway. I do not believe that the absence of the d antigen is in anyway a mutation. I think the comparison of rh negative blood and lactose intolerance is a joke. I am not saying that rh negative blood is of ancient aliens, but it makes more sense to me then your theory. “We have seen newborns die because of this attack even in horses and mules!” Most all mules are sterile so not a good comparison. I would rather believe I am from an ancient alien race then of earth. Hopefully they are a more compassionate and caring race. Just saying. Peace 🙂

  2. I get what you say, and it does not have to mean special. If you look at the populations that have a high Rh negative rate, they all have one unique thing in common: they prefer not to mix with others Berbers, Basques…. also, at least one of these groups, those who came from area of Abraham’s family were specifically told to keep separate. This mutation could have been implemented by an extraterrestrial race to guarantee that their experiment remains untainted to a high degree: what better way to prevent intermingling, introduce a method to eliminate foreign contaminants. Most Rh positive children do not survive, and the few that did, prior to the RhoGam shot, were then potential carriers of a recessive Rh-negative trait.

  3. Read the assumption above in isolation and sounds like a reasonable, if not conclusive argument. Read it along side the genome findings for humans, specifically 223 genes we have that are not found anywhere else and the groupings of chromosome 4, taking the space of 2 that separate us from the great apes and you soon realise that science is raising really good questions that it can’t answer.
    Time to starting reading ancient text more as history rather than mythology and let science verify the statements made rather than constantly ignoring.
    The real problems lay in 3 facts around disclosure:
    1. What would the realisation do to us that there are civilisations out there far more advanced, is the truth?
    2. We were created as a slave race, not an experiment, although there were many conducted to get us fit for purpose.
    3. We have either been lied to or mislead for over a thousand years by religious institutions, governments and all authority to reframe the slave culture.

    Big questions! So until sites like you can state, scientifically and irrefutably the source and origin of RH- blood keep all options open to consideration.

  4. Not sure what your credentials are but let me summerize for you
    -RH negative does not indicate anything- but it does indicate the absence of something
    -RH negative is not another antigen, its the absence of one (absence of the rhesus
    -a rejection of a human fetus due to the appearance of the rhesus antigen is the only time this occurs in nature
    -Blood types A, B, AB are not antigens

  5. the lactose – blood comparison is ridiculous. the fact is that O negs have the lowest cancer rates by FAR ! O negs age much slower ( and hybrid humans such as abraham lived to be 175) . O negs have higher IQ’s. and the highest concentration of O negs is in the basque and scottish regions. in biblical times this was the migration of jesus and where the knights templar and many highly important religious secrets are located.

  6. im O neg and i know what my instincts have been telling me my entire life since i can remember… i am not from earth and i do not relate to the far majority of humans very well. i imagine space ALL the time !

  7. RH Neg type O…top 3% in everything..IQ above 145,Too empathetic,sensitive to ever claim fraternity with this disgusting example of loves intelligent evolution. Human kind are vile filthy creatures known to rape, kill, and eat their own children… then see to complain about the weather……..Soon-very soon the dna will pop

  8. Your description of the mothers body attacking the fetus does not occur “naturally” anywhere else in nature. Mules are bred, horse and donkeys are forced to mate to produce mules. Set free to run in nature and this kind of mating wouldn’t happen. It only happens in humans.

  9. This article does not explain origin of man and/or beings and how human blood evolved. Things don’t just mutate on its own accord without outside forces whether program or by force. In my quest for this research I believe that the original man was of benevolent being. The ET wanted to be benevolent and forced their Et gene to create the new Adam. To make Adam more controllable and less gifted with power and skills they had to use orangutan (which has closest DNA to human) as 3rd source DNA strand platform. These hybrid generation was used as slaves to salvage gold and other resources. When you look at the various human species they are same. Also mythes are closer to the truth. In the story of Hercules, there is Medusa, cyclops, etc…for hundreds of years there have been eye witnesses of mermaid. Modern man can’t have these fantasies without the genetic memories in there genome for thousands of years.
    In conclusion, the facts are within us as we search within to answers the truth of our origin that this beyond conventional science.

    • The ET experimented with original human as benevolent being with other animals gave rise to the myths. Furthermore, Edgar Cayce indicated that in the pyramid was a place for human to get healing from these experiments. In the end they found the orangutan to be most Susceptible To The DNA Splicing in which under mind us to be lesser of the species and allowing the specific ET races to continue controlling the human civilization.

  10. i feel rh D positive comes from exposure to toxo and so rh- evolved over time in those not exposed to toxo . probably this is related to ice age conditions as sob zero temps kills toxo oocytes .

  11. I’m Rh ab- and have said “I’m an alien”, long before I researched their traits. WE ARE RARE. I am blonde/blue, psychic, have a high IQ, never sick, empathetic, truth seeker, obsessed with space and time travel and a healer, (CMT). I’ve retired, but my clients still hound me, saying my touch was the most healing and offer to travel 100’s of miles to see me! I can convince people fairly easily and was great at sales. Either they love or hate me! I never felt I “fit in” my entire life and that people were jealous of me for some unknown reason. I’ve always endeavored to be generous, humble, helpful and kind, but sensed resentment and even hostility to the point of being sabotaged for no apparent reason, other than for being extremely good at everything I undertake. I was top of my class and popular, yet I felt “different” than other kids early on. Even now, I simply cannot relate to most humans. Overall, they seem inept, ignorant and resentful, and take advantage of me because I’ve been too trusting. I can clearly read their thoughts and sense the negative reactions. I am experiencing overwhelming depression. Other Rh’s experience most all of the above. After difficulty with several relationships, even though I am attractive, skilled, thoughtful and successful, I finally joined a Rh group. They’re based in Denver, The Rh Registry. However, I am in Cali and trying to locate a group here to see if I can relate better with my own “species”. If anyone is in So. Cal, let’s start a group! I am positive, fun loving, outgoing, love cooking, music, nature, etc. After extensive research, it is my true belief I need to be with my kind! Does anyone else feel like I do?

    • Erin, I experience every thing you wrote. I feel exactly the same way and I am treated the same way. For no reason, people seem to be jealous of me, especially other women. I always say “I don’t fit in” I always felt different from as early as I can remember. I have memories of feeling like an outsider when I was in kindergarten. I too am talented and am very good at whatever I do. School was always easy for me. I got good grades and never studied! I’m obsessed with Aliens and secretly hope they will come get me 🙂 I also swear I saw an alien space ship when I was about 8 or 9 years old.

  12. I’m B neg, hazel eyes, dark brown hair and don’t have a high IQ – yeah, make your jokes. If any sickness hits, it’s usually allergies (seasonal) in which I’ve never truly had before till I hit my 30’s. Of my immediate family, I’m the only RH neg, which puts me into an even odder standing with them – the fact that I have a very odd scope of the world around me that is considered “naive” or “stupid”. I consider myself a multifaceted being who prefers to observe and often reflects on issues of “why”, rather than “how” or “when”. In other words – I’m not a “doer”, but a “thinker/feeler” type. How this relates to my blood type, I’ve no clue. I often hope that I’m different, even though we all are in general. I suppose it’s a feeding of feeling special that pushes me to believe in the hope that I’m something rare – a psychological need, so to speak. So, I don’t know what to believe – alien blood or just a complex abnormal mutation generated from environmental factors. It could be nothing. But I do question, since space comes to mind here, if there is some sort of possibility that a meteor or some type of radiation exposure could have been a factor to have created the RH neg bloodline many year ago? Many say they have no idea as to why there is a lack of the RH in our blood and state it’s some sort of evolution or “survival” tweek that began.

  13. Yes you know your text book history. One thing to consider, your an idiot. The part we lack is the reason why we are so different. The ancient Samarian bible explains it a whole lot more precise. Im glad you can read a book. They are a lot more to the negative group than you could ever dream of.

  14. I don’t know who wrote this article but it seems like a copy from a old biology book if you have time enough research and you will find out that up to now not even the best of the best Scientifics have been able to found out where the rh negative blood came from, it could be you are just jealous I am positive and I am glad we have all these people saving everyday other people’s lives which is the part that you don’t understand nobody in this planet knows where this blood came from and certainly you are not even close to discover it you just want to be like them but you are never be because you are positive in other words you came from rhesus monkey and this post is for the one with the name of gurudev or whatever his nickname is you just angry and you are showing it by exposing biology terminology that most people don’t understand but when you tell me that a recognized scientific found where this blood came from then I will maybe just maybe I will believe it because most of the times government tend to hide information that don’t want us to know you are just being ignorant and copying the wrong material from a biology book hope you deal with you anger of not having rh negative blood so leave them alone!!!!!!

  15. I think the government doesn’t want this to get out, they have been tracking us for many years, you will find many of us have had attempts made on our lives and do have special abilities and yes who ever put this up has copied a very old tex book or has been paid to discredit the correct research .

  16. I can see after only brief investigation on this Rh topic that the negatives seem proud. I don’t think they or their siblings had a negative mom with a positive dad who all devepoded positive Rh. Cancer, pre-mature death, autoimmune deseases, and life-long health problems. I will research further to see what relation there might be between people like me and this negative Rh factor.

  17. I’m A-negative with mostly all of the discerning Rh-neg traits/characteristics. I have such a thirst for more knowledge relating to this topic, but other than my own attempted research on the internet (of which most often cannot be verified) I have limited resources with which to properly learn more. Seeing as how us “negs” tend to be empathetic and inquisitive, I’m guessing there must be some kind of an official group (or something similar) that has been created to focus on this fascinating topic.. So where do I sign up?! I love bouncing around ideas and theories, such as the ones being discussed in these comments, so I welcome any and all advice/questions that anyone has to offer!

  18. I am RH-.I have studied RH negative Blood groups since the Doctor sat me down to explain how important it is when having Children. I also, and since childhood, have experienced things that the average person would overlook. I have never associated myself with Aliens or Reptiles but, I can not say for sure what else is in this world or beyond it. I love Science and believe in balance. I do not see my blood type as a mutation. I see it as a mystery and with all of the science and research that has been done for years and years to come, this Article is too matter of fact. Those who seek answers beyond this Article, do not dismiss your abilities and feeling different. Only an RH- carrier can relate to you. The reason I commented because the first thing I did after reading this Article was click on the person’s name who wrote it and look how they represent themselves to the world. Thanks for the Article but, it is too matter of fact and dismissive of what RH- carriers experience. They have RH- groups that you can join with research and origin information. RH-45

  19. I don’t know if the author is Rh negative but for those of us who are the “symptoms’ we read about are well known to us.
    At another note: Because Rh- is so rare particular in Asia we are constantly looking for Blood Donors. Please Donate if you are healthy and join us on the Facebook under Rh negative Philippines. Thanks

  20. I’m rh a negative, I see spirits,demonic spirits, I almost got abducted. Weird shit happen to me a lot.

  21. This is so weird. I am Rh negative and come from a family who’s IQ’s range from 148 to 182. We all have what is called extra sensory perception and have strong psychic connections to one another that completely defy Newtonian physics. I was always told to repress this ability and to never talk about it but still, it is there.
    I am now 36 and under no illusions that me and my family are very different to most people. That we have an extra dimension that is null and void in the majority if the population. It is quite a challenge for me to engage with normal people, as I find that most people think in a tiny little box full of parameters and red tape. I find it overall a very suffocating experience and am always glad to get away from them so can breath.
    Ever since I was a child I have getting into trouble for seeing and stating the obvious. I have always been able to see things I am not “supposed” to, things that people would rather remain hidden.
    No offence but I have never been able to fathom how stupid people are and also how they are natural slaves and how I am so different. I have often reflected that it is as if I am a different species to most people. This reflection may more true than I thought.
    I don’t know about any alien ancestry but I do know that the amount of people who have remarked that I am ” not of this world”, is too many to count. Also , I feel very connected to this planet. I love this planet. It is my home and I get terribly upset at the destruction of her. To me it is the man made environment, that is synthetic and very sick.
    Another interesting thing is that I am being targeted by the state. I had to receive my education through correspondence and even when I finally entered the Bachelor of Science, I was harassed out if the University. This happens to every university I attend, covertly of course as they don’t want any one to know about it. Every time I enter a CBD I have citizen informants follow me around and harass me with Pavlovian conditioning. My targeting is quite extreme compared to others of my family but that is because I definitely know that I am being targeted. The others only know that they have had a hell of a lot of bad luck, despite all of their talents and intelligence.
    I now finally realise that I am being targeted because of my blood line. I come from a long line if royalty and nobility and after much searching I think the people behind this are at Rockefeller Genetics. They know something they are not letting into mainstream science and they are attempting to wipe out the Rh negative blood factor from the species, that is except for the ruling class and royalty. I suspect we are a threat because we can see so clearly what they are doing and also because of these extra abilities.

  22. Oh yes, I nearly forgot!

    I contracted hepatitis C years ago and my body naturally destroyed it. I no longer have the disease.

    They have also found the that the Rh negative blood types can’t be cloned, whereas the others can.

    Yes, Rh negative means that we are negative for the Rhesus monkey antigen, i.e. we are not related to the Rhesus monkey, whereas around 86% of the global population is. Instead there is indicators that we may be related to the Neanderthals.

    Despite common misconceptions, the Neanderthals were the first to speak, develop art and had bigger brains. It is easy to see why this would rub people the wrong way. It encourages division, tribalism , the ” I am better than you mentallity”. It is simply not helpful, especially after what we have witnessed with the Holocaust and Eugenics movements. It is truly horrifying what man can do when he thinks he is better than others.

    But still for those of us who have to live in a society full of people that are far below our cognitive capacity and awareness, it may at least provide us with some answers.

  23. I’m B- with the hazel/green/blue chameleon eyes which are a common trait in neggies.

    I’ve got a touch of Aspergers which I feel is also a trait or even a mindset from another species (possibly the Neanderthals). They used intuition I believe and non-verbal communication. They probably used psychic communication. I assume others should know what I’m thinking when I remark on something but they don’t usually have a clue but I think another neggie would. In fact my husband was A- and we used to feel what each other was thinking or feeling. The same goes for my daughters who are AB- & O-.

    I was always a loner at school and was bullied quite a bit because other children thought I was weird. I realise now that Aspergers was probably one of the reasons.

    Both of my sisters are B- too and they each have an AB- child as do I.

  24. Hello ! You said :
    “In evolution, the immune system has been trained only to accept its own
    antigens, anything foreign will be attacked by the immune system, and Rh
    D is not an exception, nor is the only case of its kind. The Rh D in
    the child came from the father who has to be Rh positive, and there is
    no way for the mother’s immune system to treat the father’s Rh D antigen
    as its own, isn’t it? And so, it will attack it”.

    Explain this please: If a baby is Rh- and the mother Rh then her antibodies won’t attack the baby.You said that in evolution, the immune system has been trained only to accept its own
    antigens, anything foreign will be attacked by the immune system why isn’t this happening with the Rh mothers and Rh- babies?

  25. I’m beginning to think RH neg factor may genetically make one more susceptible to schizophrenia or mental illness ? So many of the RH neg people on the internet forums are proclaiming delusional and or paranoid ideas ? I have RN neg blood as do have of my family and relatives… we are all different and have all different hair eye color…. but there is some mild Autism spectrum, depression and mental illness of a few of my fam and relatives.

  26. Maybe having a Rh neg is means your not monkey and possibly really smart. But since we are talking about Aliens haha, let me share my belief. Aliens implanted their DNA into monkeys as way evolve and save their own species as they saw their own DNA plateaued. Earth is an evolutionary planet. Monkeys are mammals and aliens are reptilians, they mix of the two creates a highly synergistic new spiritual species, something the aliens saw as good and as way to preserve their own kind. So is having RH neg really that great?

  27. RH – people are not resistant to Toxo. A study indicates that negatives become disoriented and cause more car accidents. France has a high rate of negatives and over 88% tested positive for Toxo. The D antigen protects the blood from the parasite. That’s probably why there is this mutation. Sorry no aliens and no Monkeys. The RH test was done in the 30’s by Landsteiner and Weiner on Rabbits (negatives) and Rhesus monkey (D antigen). Dogs and cats have negative and positive antigens also.

  28. I’m rh- i think that you are all stupid with the aliens conspiration! I’m sure that even an rh will find this to be odd! Go back to school and learn biology!!!

  29. Gurudev, You haven’t explained nothing. Are you going to tell me why humans are the only species that is programmed to want to drink milk after infancy? Let alone, another animal’s milk? I bet you suck the tit of the corporate-controlled media, alongside the practice of your fabricated and suppressed knowledge. Evolution is NOT what you perceive it to be, and this version of humans are far from using all of their DNA codes . Rh negative does not indicate the presence of anything special? Rh O negative only excepts it’s own type in a transfusion, but can give to any blood type. That sounds pretty special to me. I suppose you’re going to tell me why O negative cannot be cloned either. I’d like to hear that one. All these viruses that seem to frequently fall out of the sky are not engineering themselves. And earth’s conspirators didn’t dream up an age old agenda by themselves to pave a path to a world of complete control ether. Your down-to-earth ass that thinks he can explain everything has no clue what it’s up against. All you see is not all there is.


  31. This guy knows nothing RH negative blood means you have no monkey protein in your blood and are not connected to any other animal species on Earth, so where did this blood come from then if not from Earth??? explain your way out of that one Albert..

    • Rh neg means you’re negative for one specific antigen of the Rh set. That set contains around 50 different antigens, as the article stated. The one specific antigen they look at for “Rh negative” is the Rh D antigen. There are other Rh antigens, so Rh negative blood types aren’t free of “monkey protein.” It only means the Rh D antigen is not present. It has nothing to do with aliens. Occum’s Razor.

      • of course they are free of it they are not monkeys like you and me, you have not proven anything just developed a flawed theory which you cannot demonstrate.
        Rh negative blood is pure blood Annunaki DNA do not listen to these charlatans of disnifo..
        know your blood and your connection to the divine!!!
        Enlil su race Ja Guide

        • You’re not listening to what I’m saying. There’s a whole SET of Rh antigens. ONE of those antigens is D. There are others that are part of the rhesus set. When a person has Rh negative, it ONLY means that they are negative for Rh D–NOT the other rhesus antigens.

          And stop poopooing people who disagree with you and tossing out evidence that contradicts your pro-alien bias. I’ve seen plenty of UFOs myself (unidentified flying objects), but I don’t jump to conclusions that they’re aliens from outer space. They could be top secret military drones on test runs.

          I already know my connection to the divine. It happened when I placed my faith in the pure blood of the Son and made things tight in baptism. His Spirit lives in me and none of that has anything to do with genetics.

          • really prove that one word you just said is true…pro alien bais and what are you then anti alien?lmao……let me tell you this they made us with their dna and they are the natives they were here before us and will be here after us.. Try  to that through your thick monkey skull if you can..also you think Jesus died to pay for your sins.? think again that is another made up myth story to fool mortals that they can do what they want without recourse .Since I know the father JC i know what is fact from fiction-so keep on preaching with your nonsense, I am having a good laugh.your theory is incorrect and if you cannot demonstrate and prove it then it is bogus.

  32. Why don’t any of you try possibly connecting the rh- to science that had been unveiled recently? Remains predating Africa finds are now being found in North America and I believe Europe. So wouldn’t it make sense that there were two forms of man. One with the Rh one with the Rh- . Why so few Rh- who knows maybe ice age maybe as we moved around and mated with each other rh was stronger. But science is better then crazy.

  33. With regards to the issue of a mother who is RH negative having concern about the possibility of a RH positive fetus, the reason this is an issue is as follows.

    In order for the mother to be “RH-” both of her alleles are negative to the RH factor. Meaning she is (-/-), If the biological father is RH positive (either /- or / ) then there will be a chance that the child’s RH factor will be .

    Since this antigen will be unknown to the mothers biological system of her own blood, her body will treat the possible RH blood of the child as a foreign invader and attack it. That is what our immune systems do…

    The reason why it is not an issue for RH mothers having a child with RH- blood, is also the very same reason for such a low amount of the worlds population having a RH – factor.

    If a mother is (-/-) Rh factor and the father is ( / ), then you know the child will have both ( /-) Rh factor. A negative from mom and a positive from dad. Making the child RH .

    If the mother is (-/-) and father is ( /-), then the child could be (-/-) or (-/ ). If you are RH that does not mean you are ( / ), you could be, just as well as you could be ( /-).

    If a mother is RH ( /-) and the father is (-/-), then once again the child could be ( /-) or (-/-). If this child is (-/-), since the mothers Rh factor is ( /-), the mother’s blood will already be used to the negative factor.

    Now what about a mother who is ( / )? Well first off, the child would only be ( /-) or ( / ) if the father was either (-/-), ( /-), or ( / ). The child wouldn’t be (-/-).

    Even if a mother who is ( / ) had a child who was (-/-), the Rh negative factor is only the absence of this antigen, so there would be nothing for the mother’s blood to reject or treat as a foreign invader. Which is why a Rh positive mother having a Rh negative child, is not a concern.

    Furthermore, it is rare that the Rh incompatibility of the mother and child causes problems with the first pregnancy. Rather, it could cause problems for additional pregnancies after the first child, if the mother had in fact developed untreated antibodies.

    Once you have a basic understanding for how these traits are potentially passed down from mother and father, to child, along with all the various possible combinations of the child’s possible blood types along with the Rh factor, it becomes self evident as to the reason for the Rh negative factor being in the minority of the population.

    If you consider, places in the world with high populations such as China or India (for example), they would have had a much longer period of time with increased variation of blood types and mixing to dilute the Rh factor down to a lower % of said populations.

    When compared to places around the world with higher clusters of the negative Rh factor, there are a few types of people’s who have higher % of the population with the negative Rh factor. A poster commented below about the Basque people.

    It does not take long to look into the known history and practices of the Basque people. If you bother to do so you will notice how there was a sub sect of basque people called “Cagots”. The Cagots were treated similar to second class citizens, and it is known that not only did they not have the same political and social rights as the rest of the community, they were hated and shunned by the community. In fact in many cases it was illegal for Cagots to walk on public roads, let alone have physical contact with the rest of the community.

    When you consider that the Basque example, shows an ancient history of selective breeding and racial profiling of sorts. It becomes easy to understand why a population such as this, with evidence of their history dating back to around 1000 AD/CE, would be less diluted on the Rh negative factor compared to other regions and populations of the world.

    You can also further consider that many people with Rh negative factor do share traits such as lighter hair, pale skin, lighter colored eyes. It would not be hard to see that considering in those times, the majority of the people in the world had dark hair and dark eyes, along with darker skin. It would be easier to spot these variations of people in those days considering that the world also had a much lower global population, as well, were divided by land masses, oceans, mountain ranges, ect.

    Not only does this explain, when you examine the actual facts, the occurrence of both, the still increased pockets of increased percentage of a population of higher levels of the Rh factor for being negative, as well also explains why there was less dilution being a factor (dilution factor) of that group of people and region where they have been recorded as living since at least 1000 AD/CE.

    Based on the best current historical record we have to date, this group of people (the Basque), do not show evidence for unknown origin of alien DNA or no monkey genes. Rather they show ignorance for scientific understanding, when compared to today’s current knowledge, with regards to biological diversity and how it comes to factor such diversity over extended periods of time.

    To put in it a very simple and easy way for anyone to understand. If you increase the available pool of possible mates to breed with and bare a child, due to the mathematical probabilities and likelihood of being Rh positive rather then Rh negative, it becomes easy to understand why the percentage of that type of populations rates of actual Rh negative people goes down. Just the same as when you decrease and limit the available pool of potential mates for Rh negative carriers and persons, you will do the opposite. Which is to increase the percent of the population in that area of people with Rh negative blood.

    Historically speaking, pale or “light” skinned, eye color, and hair colored people (Rh negative) were the first ones in the world to suffer not only racial profiling, but racial prejudice as well, as the occurrences of natural biological diversity became more common over time. That is not to say, that in earlier times of unknown history or pre-history, these occurrences never happened and/or was a new phenomenon on the known world stage in that period of time. It is not like Rh negative people and carriers of the Rh negative gene, grew out of the ground over night, they have always been there since the very start of “modern man”.

    As the initial global population grew over periods of time (years, decades, and centuries), as well, spread throughout the known world, increasing the initial population (or ancestors of the initial global population) to an expanded chance of biological diversity, thus increasing the likelihood of interacting with one of these unusual and easy to identify Rh negative persons. A Rh negative and carrier of the Rh negative gene “Boom” so to speak, much like the “Baby Boom” we experienced globally after the end of WWII. Regardless if the Basque or any other people were able to understand this, during those periods of history, does not matter. What is important, is they were able to look at a person and clearly see that there was something different and unusual from what they would consider “normal”.

    To somehow try and suggest a type or group of peoples such as the Basque are somehow historically significant when compared to other known peoples of their period and time in history is beyond misleading. If your goal is to twist and warp the facts and evidence to fit into your preconceived agenda, then that might make sense to try and do so. To portray this group of peoples as somehow “Special” or “Divine”.

    Sorry to burst your bubble… The only thing that is historically significant about the peoples known today as “Basque” is just how historically insignificant their peer’s of the same periods of time believed them to be. This is where the art and the ability to think logically and critically becomes an asset.

    It is known that during the many years this group of peoples lived in that region, the Roman empire not only took control of all the area before their lands, but continued to expand well past the region and boarders of the “Basque” peoples. It is also known that during this period of time, the “Basque” were able to hold onto their own cultural identity, customs, and laws. They were often able, for periods of time, during this occupation, to not take part in taxing and other such Roman empire standards and practices of that period in time.

    Imagine for a minute you are the leader of the Roman Empire in that period of time. Does it seem likely that you would allow a group of occupied peoples in a region of territory for which you control, to allow them to violate your customs and laws if they were any of the following??:

    A) In or around a major important trade route. B) held a region deemed to be of military importance, either for offensive or defensive purposes? C) had a special knowledge, skill, teachings, or even arts that would be considered important and unavailable elsewhere in the known world at that time? D) held an important or significant “Blood line” or alien origin? (which since according to the people who support this theory, this would have been well known to the peoples of this period in time).

    I could continue with examples, but ask yourself this, if you were in charge of the most powerful global empire in that period of time, if such a group of peoples such as the “Basque” held even just one of the above examples, would you continue to allow them to self govern themselves and not control them similar to the way the Roman’s controlled the Israelites? I would love to hear a logical reason as to why anyone in that position would do so.

    It is widely known that for long periods of history during that time period the Basque peoples were left unmolested for the most part by the invading Roman Empire and it’s expansion of the known world.

    Based on the current evidence that we know of today, it does not require any major leap of “faith”, logic, reasoning, or critical thinking to understand, that, the Roman Empire viewed the Basque peoples in that period of time, not to be worth any significant value to justify the human cost and expense it would take for the Empire to dominate them by force. If there was any such reason or value to justify that cost, then simply for the sake of saving face and protecting the Empire, they would have no choice but to do so. The fact that these two groups of peoples shared a live and let live type of understanding speaks volumes.

    To try and suggest otherwise goes against not only everything we actually know of history but against what we know and understand about the human nature of mankind with regards to power, greed, and domination to date. Just research and learn about other known ancient peoples, like Mansa Musa of Timbuktu, during his Hajj in 1324 CE to Mecca, which at that period in time was a massive threat to the global economic community. In that period of time, not only was Timbuktu a center for learning and education but was also, at it’s height, larger and more wealthy then London, Paris, and Rome.

    This does not mean that the Basque people have had no importance to human history whatsoever, rather just pointing out and clearly establishing that over the years, their fellow peers in those periods of time, did not value them worth dominating by force. Which does not support any claim of anything “Special” or “Divine” about this group of people. As history clearly shows, time and time again, that if people have something of value that another group of people want, they will at the very least, try to take it by force.

    If you are not able to fully understand just how foolish supporting this theory of alien origins or secret blood lines are now, then you are a lost cause. Based on the factual and logical understanding, I just wasted my time spelling out for you all, and taking you by the hand and walking you through it, like small minded feeble children, then what else is there to say? Clearly you are not interested in educating yourselves.

    I should also include, that if you are someone who does have a legitimate question or need further understanding of this issue. I strongly urge you to go figure it out on your own. SMH @ you all.

  34. The truth will come when death arrives, we can debate on this forever but everything is an illusion, including time

  35. Yo, Gurudev, so I was intrigued and waiting for you you to have some conclusive evidence or anything at all that leans to possibility that the differences in the 2 bloodlines is inconsequential, and proof that being hybrid monkeys and NOT being hybrid monkeys was inconsequential. But all you could come up with is “Obviously, there is nothing alien here, because there is no alien genes present here, its actually the “absence” of our own genes which produce the Rh D antigen in most humans.”
    That was your proof. That was the scientific explanation we were all waiting for. “Obviously” you say…. and yet with nothing to back it up. “Obviously there is nothing alien “here” (WHERE, GURUDEV?) because there is (are) no alien genes present here”. Ok that seems like sound logic. Why aren’t there alien genes in RH(-) blood? “Because Obviously there is nothing alien here, because there is no alien genes present here” Ahhhh…… that’s all the proof I need. Why? Because Gurudev said so, that’s why.
    And no, Gurudev, scientists HAVE determined that RH(-) is not the absence of YOUR RH( ) genes. RH(-) is an ancient lineage that existed before Neandertals which were the monkey RH( ) prototype. It is RH( )s like Gurudev who will never grasp the uniqueness of the difference between these two races because he is not an RH(-). Do I believe that RH(-) are “aliens” ? NO absolutely not. Aliens (greys) are not who RH(-) is related to. Greys are an ancient ancestor to asians and people of Asian origin with rh negative status are almost non-existent.

    There are 2 lineages of RH(-), the fraternal line and the maternal line. That is all I will tell you for now. But know they are two VERY different lineages. RH positives, like Gurudev, will never grasp the fact that all the greatest inventors, the greatest intellects, the royal lines in europe, the royal lines in america, the illuminati bloodline, the American presidents, the demi-god pyrimid builders in the tombs, the line of Jesus, the Elite cartels…. these are ALL RH(-). Those with all the power are RH(-).When you consider that the population of the RH(-) worldwide are only 5%, that is truly a phenomenal statistic….but completely LOST on RH( )s.
    Power comes not from only what your intellect can compute, but what your intuition and psyche can grasp. Those with high IQs AND a metaphysical/mystical/ psychic connection will ALWAYS BE MORE POWERFUL than simply those with high IQs. It is the nature of the rh negative brain to think in an unconventional way. These individuals seek out subject matters which are beyond the scope of average information, socially accepted answers and assumptions. Nothing is “too weird’ for them. They accept the “abnormal” and delve into the unknown with fervor, and yet not without a serious bent towards the analytical and technical.
    RH(-) don’t assimilate well. Mainly because we are a minority among a majority of monkeys… We are not easily programmed. Everyone knows that monkey are easily programmable…. which is why so many experiments use monkeys…sadly. My favorite is the Monkey Banana Social Experiment, which quite readily shows how the larger percent of monkeys will scapegoat and socially harm those who are not like them, meaning RH negatives! Our brains are wired differently, our endocrine systems are different, our cellular respiration is different. RH negatives have hyper-acute sensory perception… while it might seem magical or mystical to talk about such a thing as “ESP”… in reality what accounts for the ability to perceive beyond what seems normal is simply a brain which receives at a conscious level, the very smallest stimuli of a normal sense, such as hearing, vision, touch, etc..
    RH(-) are drawn to each other inexplicably EVEN WHEN WE DON’T KNOW THE OTHER’S BLOOD TYPE. At the end of the day, I can never fully trust an RH( ). They ALWAYS end up stabbing me in the back and siding with the rest of the monkeys on the pathetic basis that I am different. On the other hand I can trust an RH(-) with my life.
    So you see Gurudev, these two different races present themselves to science NOW as incompatible by blood and for a tiny mind like yours it is broken down to antigens on the outside of a cell. But there are factors you will never know, as you are not one of us.

    • Yo, your commentary sucks. You’re deluded new age narcissism notwithstanding, I’d take science over you creeps’ Atlantean cult doctrine anyday. I’m rh neg and feel like buzz lightyear in the claw toy dispenser when I read the Holy Grail blogs. Ugh, get a life. Or don’t. What ev er.

    • Can anybody throw more light on my question? My sister and I are AB-ve. We are born to parents of O+ve and B+ve. It is puzzling why we both have AB -ve. Since a young age, we had started day dreaming about being abducted into outer space. we would assume that it was just a matter of time before, we can leave earth. at this point , we were not even aware of the fact that we were both RH-ve. It is only in later years of our life, especially when my sister got pregnant did we discover that. we are Indian, no light eyes, no light hair. noone else in our entire family have -RH blood type.

      the only thing I can tell for sure is, our inclination to this subject, decades before our knowing about RH-ve blood type. we were amused by aliens, gods, ancient mysteries, the pyramids etc. we then started reading more about all this n this research has brought me here.

      Why are we born to RH+ve parents n have AB-ve blood type? Isn’t it medically rare for such a thing to happen?

  36. The thing about “alien blood” etc would make sense to me if Rh- could only be born from Rh- but in my family we I have the case in both sides of Rh negatives being born from two Rh positives. I have read that the Rh negative is a recessive trait, which mean that some people can be Rh positive but still carry the Rh negative gene which can come up on the next generation.
    So how pure can you be when you are born from 2 Rh positives? I mean, does this mean some of us might carry both? the Rhesus and the non rhesus? How can you know if you are a hybrid for the Rh- factor?
    So confused, if someone can shed some light on this I would be

  37. I’ve been trying to figure out the blood type thing for YEARS and pretty much most of the research I did people just don’t know. RH positive blood types are positive for the Rhesus gene but RH Negative are negative with the rhesus gene. O negative is the only blood type that scientists cannot link to any organism on the planet. Can you? We are also the only blood type that can give to everybody but can only receive our own. To have children we have to have a shot. I did a lot of looking around and asking A LOT of different doctors and scientist throughout my life and (you can check it out for yourself) but the shot it called RhoGam which is Immune Globulin (Human) so O negs have to have a shot to be immune to humans if our child is not O Neg?? How can that be if we’re all human and on the same page? Just wondering. It’s not the same. No one is anymore better or special then another but to have a website explaining it then you might want to check out more.
    P.S. I really appreciate your hard work. 🙂
    Love to all!!

    • It’s less about the blood and more about our immune systems. Your body, through stress and other factors, can begin to attack itself, thus, autoimmune diseases occur. It doesn’t mean that your thyroid has suddenly gone alien, it’s an immune system glitch. If you need a heart transplant, even if you find the best match possible, you will still need to be on anti rejection medications for the rest of your life because the tissue is not yours and your immune system thinks it a threat. The heart isn’t alien it’s just not your heart… Mutations occur over time, some very bad, some useful, some partly both. If I had to theorize on why it’s more common in Europe and especially royal lines, I’d say it’s like any ”pure bred”, there isn’t enough variety genetically and certain traits begin to develop, both for the good and the bad.

    • RhoGam is not only given to O- individuals but to all Rh negative mothers that have been exposed to Rh positive antigen ie . Rh neg mother has a baby with rh positive blood this is her first baby more than likely the mother will become exposed to the babies blood during pregnancy or during birth through the placenta. First baby will more than likely be just fine now that the mother has been exposed to the Rh blood the mother has began producing antibodies against the Rh blood its is important that the mother if she plans to have more babies in the future get a shot and RhoGam treatment this stops the formation of the antibodies and avoids Erythoblastosis Fetalis but once again it is with all Rh negative blood groups not just O – hope this helps to clear things up a bit.

  38. Why did you pay Google money to hype this article as a Google ad? Where did this money come from? What are you really up to? By the way, your statistic numbers are too high.

  39. Mules can’t conceive because they’re half breed. Meaning two ‘similar’ but not the same (horse and donkey) bred and a mule was produced. Let’s say positive blood folk are donkeys and negatives are horses. They create a mule. Who has the problem of not being able to conceive.
    Same with humans? Well you used the Mule as an example so I’m guessing it’s OK to assume this is correct.
    So… way way way back, two ‘similar’ types of humans bred and created a ‘mule’ the O negative.
    I can see why the ancient astronaut theory is popular. But who’s saying a humanoid species didn’t live on earth millions of years ago?…

    I don’t believe you can rule anything out.
    O negative can’t be created or synthesised in a lab like all the others. There is somthing special about this blood. I’ve dug as far as I can and the physical traits in the majority of o negs is astounding.
    It’s an interesting subject and I feel much more can be investigated about this subject.

  40. The article written is obviously pure speculation at best the author failed to prove his premise or to demonstrate that rh negative blood is normal or not blood of the Gods as the tile states.. at best he has provided a weak argument which he has failed to substantiate his claim. this is psuedo science not real science if it was he could demonstrate his claim which he has not. His summary was weak at best if not completely laughable stating rh negative blood presence is not special and his claim that the rh negtive blood is not unique at all . They would not have developed to rhogram shot which they claim protects the baby from the mothers genes( it also blocks transfer of said special genes more importantly) if they did not consider it to be significant as the author has also claimed. He has also claimed the blood type is very rare yet fails to explain 15- 20% of the population is which is substantial. The real question is who are the people who are behind this creation of misinformation and what there objectives are which are obviously subversive lacking any true scientific insight.. Comparing rh negative blood to diseases such as malaria and anemia are irrelevant as they are completely different as one is dealing with genetics and dna the other with disease opposite ends of the spectrum not suitable to correlate one having nothing to to with the next.. is he actually comparing malaria and anemia with rh negative genetics if so he has failed to demonstrate a correlation between the two .. it is people like this who are claiming to be scientist yet fail to validate their claims which is the issue here. True science can prove and demostrate its claims beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is no science formula or theory which can prove or disprove the existence of God exept by observation which is obviously some1 cared enough to provide food shelter and a way a life for us . This is just common sense which obviously the author here also has failed to realize.. Ja Guide

    • So many issues with your comment I don’t even know where to start. I’ll point out two obvious flaws. You stated it said the blood type is very rare. It didn’t. Quite the opposite. It stated its quite common in, I think Europe. It simply stated o negative is rare. There’s also a, b, and ab negative.
      Second, he didn’t compare having this negative blood to malaria and anaemia. go back and have a read and try NOT to ignore the point he was making about different traits being advantageous in different locations and how it’s part of evolution.
      Don’t spout shut about how this isn’t scientific when you clearly
      Lack the intelligence to understand basic biological concepts you fucking ignoramus.

  41. Look im going to put an end to this quickly.. if all blood was is the same any person would be able to take blood from any person fact is you cant because they are not the same and the consequences would be death..Certainly a rh positive person cannot take Rh negative blood with the only exception being O- blood which supposedly can be transfused by any group which is interesting. Rh negative blood is not human blood type they are trying to fool you by stating there is no difference but there is.. Rh Negative blood is pure Annunaki Bloodline something our science has failed to address for only one reason control.. Rh negative blood is not ” Alien” it is in fact the true Native bloodline before humans were even a thought.. funny how we are taught in school that the Indians are the “True Natives” but not taught who were here before them or any human being Why?? because it puts the people who want to be in control but are not appear to be so.. very simple If you knew the people claiming to be in control are really not then you would logical stop following them listening to thei crazy ideas and seek the true creator Jesus Christ instead of following mankind around with their false pretend knowledge. If you do not use your mind someone else will and you stay a slave to their version of reality instead of your own.

  42. How does describing different blood type attributes prove whether rh negative blood is that of the Gods or not,, the author has failed to demonstrate or show and proof backing up the statement made in the title of his article, he has also failed to prove it is not extra terrestrial. I challenge anyone here to show me where he has.

  43. So….

    the points you “folks” are making is that “blood of the Gods” or whatever is “not of this earth”… but if the GOD you claim to believe in created everything in the heavens and in the earth, then how can anything in existence be “alien”.

    Or is YOUR God only the God of planet Earth?

    • John David? Nothing pithy to say? Or are you just going to tell me to shut up again?

      Try to spell my name correctly this time! 😉

  44. Ladies, I think this John David guy is a troll.
    Seriously, no one can be that daft and talk so much rubbish.
    He is winding you up……if not, then he is just one crazy cracker.

  45. ” Some recent studies have indicated that Rh negative people are resistant to some parasites like Toxoplasma, or to their effects on the body.” This statement is incorrect. negative blood types are not protected from toxo, they are more susceptible. The d antigen may have formed as a protection against this parasite. Our blood has mutated and evolved which gives us such a great mix. As for these alien nuts. Your way of thinking is not scientific but superstitious. When people don’t understand a subject it’s gods and aliens or divine intervention.

  46. I am RH negative and I don’t think I am special, I do believe that the RH negative is the universal blood because it is the original without mutation. That’s why my blood can go into anyone’s body without negative effects. I don’t claim to be alien or even worse, some kind of reptile mutant, but if I was told correctly, RH positive and RH negative originally meant you either had Rhesus monkey gene or not.

  47. I don’t think the author has made a credible argument here that proves rhesus negative is a derivation of rh blood. It is a fact that rhesus negative is not found in any monkey…why not..?; plus there is also credible medical research that rhesus negative is not a mutation of a rhesus positive blood line. So if it is not a mutation…then it must be a different species surely? Not saying aliens or the like….that seems a little far fetched

      • Just because a theory has no real answer with our current knowledge base. Or falls outside of your understanding of the world does not mean you need to mock the idea. There are a great many errors in “common knowledge” do to logical falacies and misinformation. What makes you think you are not susceptible to such falacies?

  48. My blood is special since I’m AB negative. I’m of the gods! This author with his “science” won’t stand in the way of my truth. The next thing this puke is going to do is deny climate change and or Obama.

    • What gods do you speak of. The kind that can shoot lightening from their ãss and alter the waether or the kind that can bang a spiked bat on the ground really hard. What actual god like abilities do you have.

      You people need to quit fantasizing

  49. It is the absence if the rh factor… Duh… LOL Everyone knows that. The absence of the rhesus monkey factor in the blood protein. That is what is special about it. No monkey blood. Seems you’ve wasted much time writing this article which doesn’t even state what the rh factor is. If you are rh positive and need to send out in adequate information to boost your ego, that is fine. I suggest diving deeper. No hierarchy is needed.

    • If you have descendants that are positive then you do have this so called rhesus monkey blood. Just the d antigen does not show in your blood tests. Trust me..look at yourself…you are still monkey. Why is the monkey blood so bad..is it because of the word “monkey” and its racist association with black people. But you will proudly claim a neanderthal that looks like and acted like an abominable snow creature, that closely resembles a big old hunched back monkey?

    • If you have descendants that are positive then you do have this so called rhesus monkey blood. Just the d antigen does not show in your blood tests. Why is the monkey blood so bad..is it because of the word “monkey” and its racist association with black people. But you will proudly claim a neanderthal that looks like and acted like an abominable snow creature, that closely resembles a big old hunched back monkey?

  50. The Rhesus Factor has little to do with the actual blood of monkeys. It has NOTHING to do with any notion that monkey blood is in human blood, or that they evolved from the same ancestor. The Rhesus Factor was SPECIFICALLY named because the Rhesus Monkey was the primary lab animal used at the time. In fact, the discovery didnt even happen in Rhesus Monkeys. It happened in rabbits when they injected rabbits with Rhesus Antigens. The naming of the system came 7 years after the discovery, of which they attributed the nomenclature of the system to the animal from where they took the antigens. NOTHING to do with evolving from monkeys.

  51. It has nothing to do with a rare human blood type. This phenomena happens in countless numbers of other animals, therefore its not limited to human blood. The problem does not originate in the blood. It originates in genes. The Rhesus Factor was not named bc the people doing the experiments thought we evolved from monkeys ( That’s another discussion ). They named it bc the Rhesus Monkey was the most common lab animal used in helping to research blood in general. “The Rhesus system is named after the Rhesus monkey, following experiments by Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener, which showed that rabbits, when immunised with Rhesus monkey red cells, produce an antibody that also agglutinates the red blood cells of many humans.” “The Rhesus blood type was first discovered in 1937 by Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener. The significance of the discovery was not immediately apparent and was only realized in 1940, after subsequent findings by Philip Levine and Rufus Stetson.[1] This serum that led to the discovery was produced by immunizing rabbits with red blood cells from a Rhesus macaque. The antigen that induced this immunization was designated by them as Rh factor to indicate that rhesus blood had been used for the production of the serum.” The RH factor was apparent in rabbits as well, as any rabbit that did not produce the Rh D antigen created antibodies whenever the rabbit was injected with Rh blood.Has nothing to do with one group evolving from monkeys and another from alien. Rh is simply the nomenclature used to give a name to a discovery bc they injected other animals with Rhesus Monkey blood. The animals injected still had either the antigen or they didn’t, bc the gene R1 either produced the gene or it didn’t. “No name was given to this agglutinin when described. In 1940, Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener made the connection to their earlier discovery, reporting a serum that also reacted with about 85% of different human red blood cells.[4] Based on the serologic similarities Rh factor was later also used for antigens, and anti-Rh for antibodies, found in humans such as the previously described by Levine and Stetson. Although differences between these two sera were shown already in 1942 and clearly demonstrated in 1963, the already widely used term “Rh” was kept for the clinically described human antibodies which are different from the ones related to the Rhesus monkey. This real factor found in Rhesus macaque was classified in the Landsteiner-Wiener antigen system (antigen LW, antibody anti-LW) in honor of the discoverers.[5][6] It was recognized that the Rh factor was just one in a system of various antigens. Based on different models of GENETIC INHERITANCE, two different terminologies were developed; both of them are still in use.”

  52. Some Animals also have the ABO system, just like humans. “Animals and bacteria have cell surface antigens referred to as a blood type. Antigens from the human ABO blood group system are also found in apes and old world monkeys, which have inherited the same system.[1] Other animal blood sometimes agglutinates (to varying levels of intensity) with human blood group reagents, but the structure of the blood group antigens in animals is not always identical to those typically found in humans. The classification of most animal blood groups therefore uses different blood typing systems to those used for classification of human blood.”Rh or – is not determined by blood. It is determined by a set of genes that exhibit expressions based on their phenotype. “The Rh blood group system has two sets of nomenclatures: one developed by Ronald Fisher and R.R. Race, the other by Wiener. Both systems reflected alternative theories of inheritance. The Fisher-Race system, which is more commonly in use today, uses the CDE nomenclature. This system was based on the theory that a separate gene controls the product of each corresponding antigen (e.g., a “D gene” produces D antigen, and so on). However, the d gene was hypothetical, not actual.

    The Wiener system used the Rh–Hr nomenclature. This system was based on the theory that there was one gene at a single locus on each chromosome, each contributing to production of multiple antigens. In this theory, a gene R1 is supposed to give rise to the “blood factors” Rh0, rh′, and hr″ (corresponding to modern nomenclature of the D, C and e antigens) and the gene r to produce hr′ and hr″ (corresponding to modern nomenclature of the c and e antigens).[7] Notations of the two theories are used interchangeably in blood banking (e.g., Rho(D) meaning RhD positive). Wiener’s notation is more complex and cumbersome for routine use. Because it is simpler to explain, the Fisher-Race theory has become more widely used. DNA testing has shown that both are partially correct.[citation needed] There are in fact two linked genes, the RHD gene which produces a single immune specificity (anti-D) and the RHCE gene with multiple specificities (anti-C, anti-c, anti-E, anti-e). Thus, Wiener’s postulate that a gene could have multiple specificities (something many did not give credence to originally) has been proven correct. On the other hand, Wiener’s theory that there is only one gene has proven incorrect, as has the Fischer-Race theory that there are three genes, rather than the 2. The CDE notation used in the Fisher-Race nomenclature is sometimes rearranged to DCE to more accurately represent the co-location of the C and E encoding on the RhCE gene, and to make interpretation easier.”

  53. Phenotype is defined as: “A phenotype (from Greek phainein, meaning “to show”, and typos, meaning “type”) is the composite of an organism’s observable characteristics or traits, such as its morphology, development, biochemical or physiological properties, phenology, behavior, and products of behavior (such as a bird’s nest). A phenotype results from the expression of an organism’s genes as well as the influence of environmental factors and the interactions between the two. When two or more clearly different phenotypes exist in the same population of a species, the species is called polymorph.

    The genotype of an organism is the inherited instructions it carries within its genome.” The problem with RH or – originates in the genome, not blood.

  54. Blood type = levels of copper. Or lack thereof.

    Copper deficiency disables our (blood’s) ability to eliminate iron from our body.

    Iron attracts oxygen. Causing free radicals. Breeding parasites. And stimulating the growth of tumors/cancer/disease.

    Pathogens REQUIRE iron to the thrive and multiply.

    Gmo foods have added iron, and removed natural iron uptake inhibitors.

    Nanoparticle iron penetrates cell membranes and gets stored.

    blood type = iron poisoning and copper depletion, if you notice the AB blood type is the most healthy, and powerful. This isn’t bc their blood is special. It’s bc they’ve manipulated ours.

    Supposedly type O is the oldest, right? That’s a blatant lie tied into theory of evolution.

    It’s said that AB was the most recently discovered.

    How come it was supposedly on The Shroud of Turin?

    Copper is stored in the liver. Where proteins are synthesized.

    Vaccines are the quickest route to get mercury (mercury is also in corn syrup btw – ppl are screwed); which obliterates copper, into the liver.

    Result = utter chaos (& dna damage).

    The pathogens in vaccines that are dormant when they enter our body.. they thrive and replicate from the lack of copper and excess of iron. Hence the delayed effect. but it happens.

    *also, fun fact: radiation accelerates iron

    Anyway; as each generation is poisoned, the mutated genes and proteins have become weaker. Passed on through families.

    Blood types A, B and O all have PLENTY of iron.

    Again, O isn’t the oldest blood type. AB is. It was probably the only one. And the differing types could be how poisoned we’ve been. That becomes genetic. Just like royal blood lines stay pure. Because these fuckers know what they’re doing and avoid it.

    Evolution debunked. God created man in his own image. If that’s your thing. Either way, not a monkey.

    The link is missing bc there never was one.

    This starts at conception via prenatal supplements. You know, those “healthy” vitamins that are so tough on expectant mothers that they get sick from them…

    Women live longer than men bc we are able to remove iron via menstruation each month.

  55. Nice response but your dancing around the fact that 15% of all people don’t have the Rhesus monkey gene in them while 85% do! Why is this?

  56. It’s so simple, to me . you over analyze. Truth is only a handfull of us know. Maybe 4 or 5 actualy know . no mystery .

  57. this is complete bullshit disinformation at the highest level. take a look at a wolf for example. A wolf’s genetics haven’t changed for thousands of years but dogs on the other hand, theirs do. DUH it’s because of breeding with other species or a species that may share similar DNA but not actually be the exact same type of species. Humans did not originate on Earth. There is evidence of ancient humanlike races with 12 active strands of DNA. They were known as the angelic human race. A very benevolent species who lived in peace with everyone. We have been genetically manipulated although over the course of thousands of years and fed false stories called history. 90% of our so called history is a LIE. Used to control us and enslave us.

    Now at this time as we are moving into the 5th dimensional frequencies people are experiencing shifts in higher consciousness because some of our “JUNK DNA” is turning ON. It’s like we are evolving back to what our ancestors used to be and it’s A GOOD THING. Anyone saying otherwise is probably a paid troll or reptilian or other malevolent ET race.

  58. No matter what you read, or hear you can never believe. Always do your own research and double check what your understanding.

  59. except that the Rh factor is not an antigen its a surface tensionner that adds to the
    bloods ability to express co2 levels over 3% leaving the ATp to express ammonia
    people without it are not fully human they are hybrids of unknown origin
    who use a different tranferase mechanism to express cellular combustion products
    and the negative blood types have a acidic/ uric acid expression of carboxilated blood
    the truth is this is much more than you have presented here.
    there is either a mutation or a non standardized species breeding from another gene pool
    from where ever .

  60. Whoa. Interesting. Both my kids are O- I’m O , my husband is A . Yes they are his kids. Its been a fascinating discussion in our house, but I guess I’ll have to stop telling my kids they’re aliens now.

  61. I happen to be Blood group O, Rh-. I also work in an Immunology laboratory. I actually started laughing when I read all these reptilian and alien stories. It simply shows that people are very quick to believe something even if they don’t know enough about a subject. The antibodies found with different blood types are made against normal bacterial flora that populates the gut. It all depends on the group of normal flora present. E.g. a baby that is delivered through the vaginal canal will pick up the normal flora of the mother’s vagina (lactobacilli). A baby borne via caesarean section does not get any normal flora from the mother. So the composition of normal flora will eventually be different. It is also a function of the immune system to break up bacteria and present the peptides (antigens) on the surface of certain white blood cells (antigen presenting cells) to the lymphocytes in order for the lymphocytes to make antibodies against these antigens. If these antigens become part of the cell membrane it can eventually evolve into a specific blood type.

  62. Thank you for your knowledge on this. I’ve been researching RH- blood type because my daughter is RH- and is pregnant for the second time. Come to find out my first grand babies father was RH – also so she turned out good but I don’t know the fathers blood type to the child she is pregnant with this time. This pregnancy is totally different and she just found out she was pregnant a couple weeks ago and is already finished with her first tri- mester. Worried because she has not seen a doctor and needs the shot. She had a c-section with the first one. I have come across the alien theory and the falling Angel theory and the Christ blood line/ holy grail. Would really like to know how it started for sure. So I typed in top scientific reason for RH- blood. Going to keep researching till I’m satisfied.

  63. Jealous. Researchers have been researching the origin of this blood type for many many years & all if a sudden you came up with the complete answer & logic of the origin of this blood by yourself? Smh. Clearly there’s some tampering & cross mutation because only 15% of the worlds population has this blood type. Explain that!

  64. Let’s not let the play of semantics become misleading in our thinking and become our fundamental theory. The “absence” of a gene could mean alien. Perhaps the DNA of some other life form (Human-Like) merely has the absence of an antigen or two or an allele to create an a different life form or species of being. Who knows really? I mean, think about it… Chimpanzees and Humans (according to science) share 98% of their DNA, yet we are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY species. Therefore, it is plausible that the absence of an antigen could be a deciding factor on how we are somewhat different (like the difference between gender) or more grossly different (as in comparison to a monkey). I need more science that the pseudoscientific explanation provided in the article above.

  65. Lactose intolerance is due to the free market choosing a cow that produces the enzyme that people react to. Not all cows have that enzyme. Research A1 and A2.

    I am not a Alien blood believer, but I am AB- and live with auto immune issues.

    • Lactose intolerance is due to the turn off of the beta galactosidase gene in humans a few years after birth. It has nothing to do with cow enzymes. A mutation in the promotor region of the gene allows it to stay on throughout adulthood making lactose digestible.

    • you seem to contradict yourself…if you are type O and RH – that would make you O- rather than O …unless I am missing something.

      O is RH positive.

  66. I have to wonder.. why are all the question’s that are asked to do with evolution, is that the only thing to be considered.. it appears that science only believes in evolution.. and I have to laugh.. just goes to show though, that doctors, science etc still don’t know everything, if they are just coming up with this now, yet it has been around for some time.. so what are they going to be telling us next?..

  67. I have this negative blood and so does my sister I now give blood regularly when I am pregnant I am not aloud to wear seat belts so have to sit in the back and if I have a bump I have to go and have the anti d injection and when baby is born they get a injection to just in case so in other words a right pain

  68. I am A pos and my Husband is to, but our son in O pos . my daughter is O neg but to a different father I had Injections for both children, my father was a O i often wonder how can 2 A make a O ,,,,

    • You both have a recessive O, All people have two Indicators, and the child inherits one from each parent. You and your husband both have A&O indicators (which would make you both A because it is the dominant trait), but you both passed on your O indicators to your child. There is about a 6.5% chance of this happening…the other 93.5%, the child will be A.

    • Ok how it basically works is that your mum had type A and your dad had type O. You get one set of genes from dad and one from mum. So your blood type is type A but it has one O and one A. So you are really AO. Hubby has OO blood type so therefore you have passed to your kids one O gene while they got one from their dad an O.
      As one child is positive and one is negative that indicates the O gene in your blood is a negative one. So if you put negative as lower case your blood would be Ao. So even if y they had the same dad he would be Oo. With a possible combination of types you passed on the o gene from you and they got either the positive O or the negative o. When you have Oo you have positive blood and oo is negative blood.

    • Your babies’ father must be rh positive and your kids are too. The shot is call rhoGam and keeps your body from rejecting your next rh positive baby if you have one.

      • I had rhoGam shot during my pregnancy in 1990 & after delivery. I read somewhere there was tainted rhogam, but couldnt find anymore articles. I even checked Government website ,but couldnt find info. Anyone know if there was problem with rhoGam?

    • No. There are no ‘aleeunz’. There was no ‘moon landing’. see apollozero. The ‘aleeunz’ psyop is yet another psyop to distract from the zog cabal who call themselves ‘govt’.

  69. this article was written by an idiot who was so concerned with being logical that they totally miss the point which made their logic illogical.

  70. My husband and I are both 0 we had 3 children the eldest was 0 Rh- the other 2 were 0 I am wondering what is the importance of the D protein and why would ones body set it as an antigen?

  71. How does this relate to DNA? Well, there are many codes in our DNA that scientists have yet to crack. Parts of our DNA, for example have no known biological function, or at least we have yet to discover them. Maybe they have spiritual applications, or are connected to the non-physical realm in some way. These seemingly useless DNA are referred to as ‘Junk DNA’, or ‘non-coding DNA’. But we are learning more about them each day, as Scientific American reports, so the label isn’t entirely accurate.

    We may think we know a lot, but the things we think we know and hold to be true are always changing. Science was no less valid to us 50 years ago than it is today, but theories have changed because we have learned more. And our knowledge of DNA has just changed again, as physicists have confirmed that there is a second layer of information hidden in our DNA, meaning that there is more than one way that DNA mutations can affect us.

    The way DNA folds plays a role in controlling which genes are expressed inside of our bodies. When it comes to biology, we’re taught that DNA ‘makes us who we are’ through a sequence of letters. These codes would then determine which proteins to make in order to produce the necessary result. For example, there is a code for a protein that will make your skin brown, or your eyes dark, etc. All of this is determined by the way DNA is folded. Since the DNA in our body is extremely long, spanning a length of up to two metres, it has to be wrapped and folded in a certain way to fit inside of our bodies.

    Scientists have known for a long time that the way it is wrapped and folded determines what proteins are expressed. Right now, biologists are currently working on isolating mechanical cues that determine how DNA is folded, which is influenced by a number of environmental factors, and other concepts like epigenetics. Even the way we think and perceive the environment, how [we] feel, and what we believe can shape our DNA.

  72. The only thing I have a problem with is people such as yourself (cosmic mistakes) say blood does not mutate and this is why it is key to proving we are monkeys. BUT, when there is a hole in a very stupid theory then suddenly blood does mutate??? How convenient! I share 90% of my genetic makeup with a cat and 61% with a banana so does this mean i am a product of a menage a trois with a cat, monkey, and banana? So stupid it does lead me to believe most of you are in fact monkeys…

  73. O RH- This article is bogus and has absolutely no scientific grounds. Re read it.. It talks you in circles and almost tells you to believe what it’s saying because it threw in how negative blood works and what it lacks…gee thanks. I think we already knew that.. so that’s the first 3/4 of the article (you can find most of that on Wikipedia) then there’s the ever important bullet points that make it look officially ridiculous.
    I’m not saying we’re aliens but we are indeed different. I’m not sure why it’s swept under the rug and covered up.. but I am enlightened more and more each day through experiences with negative and positive people. Doesnt it seem amazing to anyone else that O- blood type is used as first response in traumas needing blood when the patients type isn’t readily available?? It can heal ANYONE and yet ~only~ O- can heal an O- any other blood would be fatal to me…Its truly amazing and fascinating.. Bubonic Plague… guess what?…I would survive… I want the truth and I’m certain it’s out there, but not in this article…

  74. This article is full of crap! The argument is not sound. The author is arguing that there isn’t any evidence that there is something added to the Rh Negative group that indicates something alien. The case that needed to be made is why Rh Negatives lack the Rh D antigen that is connected to the Rhesus Monkey. That is the real question.

  75. Interesting. He says that there is nothing alien/foreign in RH- blood because it lacks a protein. We do not know the original blood line, it’s all a guess. However, seems to reason that we should be calling RH positives alien hybrids. Maybe they mutated because they went outside Southern Europe and Northern Africa. Maybe just maybe their acentors caused variants to stem off the original bloodline.

    • I am rh-o blood line we are hybrids of the positive as slaves we were designed to be slaves to those different then us.

  76. Awesome 🙂 its about bloody time somebody put this bizarre theory to bed I am also RH Negative and during severe depression actually fixated on this topic and wouldve really benefited from this factual sensible explanation at the time 🙂 xx

    • I must also add i also felt at the time as if i had some odd perception of some kind not in a ghost seeing physic/i were special at all way more like that things were happening because of me/subjects of relevance on t.v/the weather LOL which actually i now see as nothing more than my brains sub-conscious picking up on my fears or what was going on around me that i really wasn’t facing up to before my awake or sober/ drug free mind could however coincidental or paranormal such perceptions did seem at the time.It is indeed also well worth noting that there are many other links regarding rhesus negative types to the Illuminati being tagged/watched by the government and musicians/actors and generally people throughout history many claiming that blood types of this kind often fell victim to drug and alcohol abuse and died an early death because of such alien gifts linked along with this same subject that i also read at that time. Ridiculously all seeming too bloody accurate to not be true, for me as a musician singer/songwriter and also ticked so many boxes during this period of time in my life. This is very classic human behaviour to find something or explanation for something with such loosely vague reasoning almost specific to ourselves if we want it too/if it is designed to or indeed give us some way to deny causing ourselves by stupid lifestyle/mindset choices.I now laugh at how I failed to consider that of course there are no alternative links or indeed possible ways to see how many other Rhesus negative people there are in this world right now living full and happy lives both famous and not famous

  77. My question is, how come a majority of Spiritual people or people society calls over sensitives tend to be Rh-? The article didn’t take into consideration different types of temperament or why for example I don’t really get fevers.
    The article doesn’t include hightend 6 sense. How does that go together with evolved genes? How come some evolve faster than others?
    Also being well educated has nothing to do with understanding how we even have a sixth sense or how it works.
    Just because it’s assumed we just evolved doesn’t mean anyone has to stop studying why certain groups tend to see the world differently than society wants you to see. Open your eyes and mind. There’s way more than the author of the article wants to believe. 🙂

    • Rh negative indicates the “absence of the Rh D antigen” which otherwise is quite abundant in most (85%) humans.– which could indicate removal of the ‘ beast ‘ ??

  78. I’m Rh- and had a DNA tests (2, in fact) and both came back with rather high trace neanderthal (higher than most common… 3.3%) Wonder if that’s where the Rh- came from?

  79. Im RH-D. AB Neg.
    2 of my daughters are B Neg . A Neg. No D antigens. No Rhesus Gene. So were do we fit; Mr science man????? Do you know were the Neg blood comes from. With actual facts i mean. Dravidian or neanderthal. Since less than 15% of world pop is Neg. Which means not related to the primate monkey rhesus gene. Out of that 15% only 4 % are Absent of D, . So what evolution did we come from??

    • I’m O Neg and much of my family is Rh negative. I think we’ll find a lot of Rh negatives in the giant clans and in the Followers of Horus, who had elongated skulls. Different breeds entirely these were, they were the ruling classes and they do not come out of Africa.

  80. Why be a king when you can be a god 😎😎 guess what im O negative or RH negative plus im an Aquarius. Perfect combo for an alien outsider hahahhaha take me nowww my alien brothers, bring me home….anyways who wanna buy my special alien kind of blood? It sparkles and my blood talks to me when i cut my finger or something 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I have the same blood type and I’mIa Scorpio lol. This article is bs! We are linked to Prince Enki of the Royal Orion Bloodline.

  81. What interest me about this whole subject is that a stated people with the Rh negative gene or antigen whatever we’re more resistant to HIV. Also even if the people we’re from the same area and exposed to the same experiences the Rh negative people would have higher IQs on average

  82. “There is a possibility that a mother whose blood group is Rh negative, carries a child whose blood group is Rh positive, and if mother’s blood comes in contact with the fetus blood, then the mother’s immune system upon finding an antigen foreign to its body, Rh D antigen, will produce antibodies against the Rh parties in the fetus blood which can prove fatal to the fetus.”

    If you’re going to spend time with conjecture, at least get what is known as fact, correct. IF mother and baby blood come in contact? Mother’s IMMUNE system? Did you not go to school?

    During pregnancy, red blood cells from the unborn baby can cross into the mother’s blood through the placenta. That is a normal interaction in any pregnancy. If the mother is Rh-negative, her immune system treats Rh-positive fetal cells as if they were a foreign substance. The mother’s body makes antibodies against the fetal blood cells.

    Most RH positive #1 babies are born fine. However, if the mother becomes pregnant with another RH baby, than her antibodies continue to increase in number and will usually result in miscarriage. For those infants born still living, they will require a blood transfusion or they will die. If the dr is on top of things, the transfusion can be given intrauterine with a needle through the uterus and into the umbilical cord. However, with the perfection of RhoGam, and taken midway through the pregnancy there won’t be any need for a blood transfusion.

    Education is a wonderful thing.

    • Its mainly people of European decent particular Spanish and French. The highest concentration of people with Rh Negative live in the country called Basque.

  83. This was interesting thank you. This is the only article or blog I could find that wasn’t written by a complete lunatic.

    What I find most comfusing is the fact that I am RH neg. But after doing a DNA test I found out I have no European ancestry which seems to be where the mutation started, I cannot find much on any other ethnic groups or why would they have developed the mutation I can’t find any information on how could this have happened.

    • You most certainly have European dna. Sorry, but you don’t look originally from Africa. Flavor Flav. From P.E., Is showing more of the African look than you. Your test tube must of got contaminated. Drinking from someone’s else’s cup, kissing and other ways to contaminate the test. No contact with anything in your mouth for an hour. Check it.

  84. What is up My Godly family!! I’m Rh- and a Taurus I have reigned 5 times and am highly overt sensitive have healing powers and am In tune with my 3rd eye. I see in another dimension and know our blood came from else where,, that’s why we feel laws are not real. Because in our natural times it didn’t exist.

    • Yo I think you might really need to check yourself into a psych ward. I think they’ll have some nice little pills to help you make sense of the actual world.

  85. Wrong u are all wrong i think u mean miseducation is a wonderful things at least to the jackasses who wrote the dam lie to begin with all rh negative is deficiency of copper due to our toxic food an environment that blocks the absorption of the important mineral that we have been taught is toxic so do some real self educating on the subject an i could careless who disagrees with me its y’all funeral.

  86. I am B positive male, i am from Europe, i have a lot of deja vu’s, i am highly intelligent, i can read other people’s intentions in a fraction of a second, i have premonitory dreams, i am very hairy(neanderthal genes) and healthy.

  87. I know only one person with rh negative blood and i do not see anything special about him, and he does not consider himself special…

    You rh negatives are a minority and like all minorityes you are being brainwashed into believing yourselfs somehow superior to others.
    It’s like Hitler’s concept of the master race with blue eyes.

  88. What does a gook from India know about Aryan blood? I laugh every time I see them write something as if they knew something about all other peoples. He presented no evidence that backed up his theory that o- types are directly unrelated to other worlds. Well dig this Gooko, O- people are special as they can save everyone on this planet by blood transfusion and no others can do the same for us but other o-‘s. I’d say that makes us very special.

  89. I find this whole thing interesting. I am B-Neg Rh Neg my daughter is 0- her father is B So I just cant figure out how she became 0-

  90. Thank you for taking the time to write and post this very logical discussion of the issue. It diffused my human psyche’s need to be special and distinctive, without which evolutionary trait, I might actually believe I were an alien.

  91. Its just a mutation of a gene people.some have red hair some have blonde some have black.what makes it a big deal is transfusion purpose. We are all one,blood, bones, hair, earth, space, universe all come from the same place.just put together different. Peace

    • Actually, I am A- and it makes a huge difference in the way I react to medications. What calms you down sends me into a spiral of craziness where a pill intended to put me to sleep will keep me awake, crazy awake until the effects leave my body, If something is up for other blood types it is down for me and vice versa and yet doctors pay no attention to blood types when prescribing meds. If I am transfused with blood other than A- it could kill me. It is interesting that certain blood types might have evolved to protect a certain population, but why when the population is merged as Eastern Europeans are around the world, would it not then revert to a less protective stance? Being or not being an alien is of no importance to me. We all live and die after our time is done, but it’s not easy being an A-.

    • You know who your blood brother or sister is when your blood can mix. If not your blood will separate. However, everyone is different and special in their own way. It’s just blood 💉 but similar blood feels like home.

  92. The truth is we did not originate from monkey’s like most of the population. The rhesus protein is named for the rhesus monkey. Blood is sacred and mentioned in the Bible multiple times. We may not have originated from aliens or gods but we surely didn’t originate from monkeys! Look how monkeys act 🙈 it’s very similar to society.


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